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Scenario 3


What is it?

’MORPHIN’ is an AR (Augmented reality) educational game where players find and battle against subjects (MORPHS) in the real world, and defeat them by answering either Maths, English or Science based questions.​

For our last scenario we decided to completely go out of our comfort zone and try and make something that would appeal too many ages. Morphin is game that can be used by all ages but the first group we aim at are in primary school from about 5-11. They will answer maths, English and science questions to defeat the monsters and clear the level. We feel this is a really good way for the students to learn and also gain new skills. We felt that even though there were many games similar to this out on the market at the moment, this could be used within schools and also out side of school. We could imagine the students talking to one another and comparing the monsters and loot and rewards they have collected whilst playing the game. By earning the rewards from answering the questions it will make them want to carry on and further level up their characters and gain more armour or weapons. Whilst it is similar to Pokemon Go we feel this is different because it is more educational and teaches children about different things within the world for example about plants or animals. We hope it will make them want to learn more and continue in the game.


I think personally this is the best scenario our group has done, we really put a lot of thought into it to try and make it realistic and educational. Again we worked together as a group really well to produce the best gaming experience we could. The presentation on the day went well we spoke clearly and precise and tried to get everyone to understand what we were doing. I spoke to my son about the idea and he thought it was brilliant. He was slightly worried when I mentioned the questions for maths, English and science but once I told him what it was for he was really on board with it. I think the idea could really be a hit if it was picked up by the right people and developed further, kids will want to play it and level up their characters within the game and succeed. I don’t think they will be too worried about the learning element if it is explained in the right way! We also though it could be developed further for older year groups after ages 12 up to A-Levels and the questions just made harder for them and more relevant to what they are learning.

I have really enjoyed doing these different scenarios and working with my group. I like the fact that we all had different ideas and we brought them together to make one scenario. I think the idea of the scenarios is really good and the fact that each group had something different was really interesting. No one had the same idea which I think was really good, there were lots of ideas that could be used in the “real” world.


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