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Educational Technology

Welcome to my blog – here I will be writing all things Educational Technology on a weekly basis.

Latest from the Blog

Scenario 3

Morphin What is it? ’MORPHIN’ is an AR (Augmented reality) educational game where players find and battle against subjects (MORPHS) in the real world, and defeat them by answering either Maths, English or Science based questions.​ For our last scenario we decided to completely go out of our comfort zone and try and make something that would appeal too many ages.…

Scenario 2

First Aid VR1st Responder What it is? A gamified first aid experience going through different stages to complete the levels. Each stage has a number of practical tutorials that must be completed before going on to the next one. Each level leads up to the level 5 challenge where you must utilise your skills you have learnt to pass. Helpful tips…

Scenario 1

Parental Classes for Expecting Parents ​ For our first scenario we bounced around a few good ideas but we ultimately ended up on this idea – Parental Classes for Expecting Parents. The idea behind our scenario was a fun educational experience that can be done at home, schools and at adult classes. To immerse the user into a simulated,…

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