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Scenario 2

First Aid VR
1st Responder

What it is?

A gamified first aid experience going through different stages to complete the levels. Each stage has a number of practical tutorials that must be completed before going on to the next one. Each level leads up to the level 5 challenge where you must utilise your skills you have learnt to pass. Helpful tips and hints will pop up to guide you through the different scenarios you must face. 

For scenario 2 the group decided to go a bit further out the box and create an educational VR experience for students or people who wanted to learn how to do first aid. We chose VR again as we felt the user would be able to have a fully immersive experience which is really needed when doing first aid. The practical tutorials are gamified so the user will feel like they are in a game but they will also be learning to fo first aid. There are different levels and scenarios for the users to attempt and pass to face their final challenge where they utilise all their skills learnt to pass. We felt that by doing a first aid scenario it was a perfect educational tool to have and use for schools and also health professionals when they need to teach classes. We also felt that this experience could be developed much further and used in many different scenarios for any first aid class that needs to be taught.


I think our group did well in this presentation, we got our points across and explained the concept to the best of our ability to not make it overly complicated for others to follow. I think it is a very good idea to develop as it makes learning First Aid a little more fun as sometimes it can all be a bit serious (which it is), but this concept helps make the experience a little more realistic and helpful and the user may not even realise on some level how much they are actually learning which is always an added bonus especially if it is for the younger students. We thought of further developments for the game including different skins for the hands and different environments but I think this could go further than that with the right people behind it. I think our group did well on the day we spoke clearly and slowly so that everything can be heard its just a shame we couldn’t do it in person!


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